About iPc

iPc Group LLC a leading producer of plywood in Russia. For more than 40 years we have continuously supported and promoted trade with Russia with our network of offices throughout Europe, the United States and in our global markets. Then, in 1993, iPc made the transition from a trader of wood products to a manufacturer of birch plywood.

We provide continuous reinvestment in our operations and necessary pre-financing for the global sale and distribution of all products conducted through our worldwide network of offices and representatives. This enables us to successfully coordinate the entire range of our activities, including the management of manufacturing facilities, meticulous and ongoing monitoring of all shipments, railways, ship owners and agents.

Reliability is a characteristic which we hold dear. iPc manages all operations from manufacturing to shipping and distribution. With offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg,  London, and New York, iPc is able to organize shipments throughout the world by vessel, containers, rail, and trucks. Our staff monitors meticulously all ongoing shipments from our mills to the final destination. 

iPc's financial resources allows for favorable trade relations with customers by avoiding dependence on outside financing. This factor allows us to improve our competitiveness, reduce cost of production and increase manufacturing efficiency.

The high quality of our birch plywood production is well known worldwide. iPc is continuously working according to EN and DIN certification standards in order to assure our clients plywood of a high uniform quality. Our birch plywood production covers a wide range of grades, thicknesses and dimensions manufactured in accordance with the Russian export GOST 1055-71 standards. Currently we are manufacturing standard birch plywood in the following dimensions 1525x1525mm, 2440x1220mm, and 2500x1250mm in a wide range of grades and thicknesses. 

In addition to our standard birch plywood production, we also offer high quality value added products such as specialty decorative plywood, film faced plywood, unidirectional panels and furniture parts. Through continuous investment, iPc is constantly expanding its product line so that we can offer our clients an increasingly diverse product range.

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