Welcome to IPC Group LLC,  the leading producers of birch plywood in Russia. We invite you to explore our web site and discover why we are the first choice for the leading wood products companies of the world. 
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-8x4 Russian birch plywood in most grades and thicknesses (including interior glue).
-5x5 Russian birch plywood in most grades and thicknesses.
-Ultra Birch™- Exclusive spliced faced plywood for furniture and decorative grade wall paneling 
-Brown/Brown Laminated Plywood for Concrete Formwork 
-Brown/Web anti-slip plywood for truck flooring.
Starting in September 2003 IPC is offering spliced faced plywood in the highest grades, resulting in defect and patch free plywood. Our spliced faced plywood will be color matched and manufactured by our new state of the art machinery from Fisher-Rückle.
IPC now sells its birch plywood to over 40 countries worldwide.
IPC has installed two new composer lines and an additional squaring line for 5x5' production.
-IPC's installation of 2 new 8x4 line along with  computerized squaring machines is complete and fully operational.

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